Massage Protocols

The above video demonstrates the primary method of Covid-19 transmission. Therefore, out of an abundance of precaution and caring the following protocols have been implemented.

1) You and your massage therapist will be body temperature scanned before entering the session location with mobile equipment. Your massage therapist will also be wearing a surgical mask and nitrile gloves during your session.

2) Anyone with a body temperature scan of 99 degrees or higher will be rescheduled in two weeks.

3) It is advisable to wear a surgical mask but is not required.


    The Why Knot Bodyworks mobile massage service has been upgraded to provide advanced sterilization techniques. The following protocols and PPE are utilized appropriately before, during, and after every TABLE(T) or CHAIR(C) session for unsurpassed clientele and therapist protection.


  • Body temp scans (T/C)

  • UV-C sterilization flood (254nm) (T)

  • Breathe Easy Respiration Capture System(BERCS) (T/C)

  • Hand and forearm washing (T/C)

  • Use of hand sanitizer (T/C)

  • Surgical mask optional for client​ (T/C)

  • Nitrile examination gloves ​(T/C)

  • Manual chemical surface disinfection (T/C)

  • 3-hour linen laundering sterilization by combined chemical disinfectant and high-temp sterilization treatment on sheets, blankets, face rest covers including face rest fleece padding (T)