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     MyoGraviTone Targeted Neuromuscular Therapy(TNT) and Simultaneous Parasympathetic Nervous System Activation is the scientifically backed art of manipulating or balancing hypertonic and hypotonic muscle tissue as well as the corresponding nerves and fascia. This targeted bodywork facilitates natural healing, proven pain alleviation, an increased range of motion, improving posture and function while simultaneously activating the body's inherent ability to heal itself via stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system. The preceding is achieved through the application, combination or variations of:

Modal Fusion Dual Spoon Lymphatic Gua Sha

Modal Fusion Acupressure Techniques

Modal Fusion™ Hypertonic Trigger Point Bodywork

Modal Fusion™ Myofascial Release

Modal Fusion™ Shiatsu

Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage/Bodywork Techniques

Highly effective revolutionary techniques of Modal Fusion that vastly improve upon SMT or Synergetic™ Myofascial Therapy, which is technically almost exclusively based on the teachings of Ida P. Rolf who is known for her creation of the Rolfing® modality otherwise known as Structural Integration.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation or (PNF)

Highly modified percussive therapy techniques of Tok-sen.

Active and Passive Movement




     All have been distilled down into their respective essences. Logically and artistically reengineered and recombined into the perfect Modal Fusion Myogravitone™ TNT bodywork session.... skillfully executed to relieve pain, provide an increased range of motion and activate the regenerative parasympathetic nervous system while simultaneously facilitating somatic positional harmony with gravity for a better way to be............​

     MyoGraviTone TNT was developed and is practiced exclusively by me(Warren Weeks). I am a fully licensed and insured, highly skilled, massage/bodywork therapist. Myogravitone TNT™ is a trademarked, copywritten, therapeutic modality. It is not licensed for use by any other massage or bodywork therapist, medical facility, teaching facility, or school.