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120min & 3hr can be split for 2 consecutive sessions.

Traditional Massage or

60 Minutes $90

Myogravitone TNT

Traditional Massage or

90 Minutes $135

Myogravitone TNT

Traditional Massage or

120 Minutes $180

Myogravitone TNT

Traditional Massage or

3 Hour $270

Myogravitone TNT

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     I utilize a wide range of pressure levels and techniques in every custom-tailored session. I listen carefully to each client, both prior to and during each session, so I can specifically address the needs and goals of the client while making technical modifications when necessary. I offer unmatched custom bodywork via the only MyoGraviTone TNT experience available anywhere.

Total comfort: Table massages are performed on a well-padded, high quality, heated, Earth Lite massage table with a custom, exclusive, "Breathe Easy Respiration Capture System™" installed. This table is the safest, cleanest, most comfortable table in the entire massage industry.

     Individual preferences for clothing during table massage varies from person to person. However, private areas of the body must always be covered either by clothing and/or by a sheet as mandated by Tennessee massage draping law.

    The Why Knot Bodyworks mobile massage service has been upgraded to provide advanced sterilization techniques typically used in modern surgical and medical facilities. The following protocols and PPE are utilized appropriately before, during, and/or after every session for unsurpassed clientele and therapist protection.


  • Body temp scans

  • UV-C sterilization flood (254nm)

  • Trioxygen(O3/Ozone) sterilization flood

  • Breathe Easy Respiration Capture System(BERCS)

  • Hand and forearm washing

  • Use of hand sanitizer

  • Surgical masks

  • Respirators

  • Nitrile examination gloves

  • Manual chemical surface disinfection

  • 4-hour linen laundering sterilization by combined chemical disinfectant and high-temp sterilization treatment on sheets, blankets, face rest covers including face rest fleece padding


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