Warren Weeks, LMT, MTNT

Warren Weeks, LMT, MTNT

     I have been a rather curious problem solver since I was a kid. I suppose I have always had a gift for seeing how things work or why things break down or fail. I have applied that gift to the creation of MyoGraviTone TNT which is the main modality I use for helping people who have become less functional or have chronic pain as well as many other conditions. Through the use of postural assessment with added ROM testing before, during, and after session, active and passive movement, hands-on palpation, and client feedback, I formulate targeted action plans and assemble techniques and methods for every individual client providing an unmatched, totally custom Myogravitone TNT or alternate traditional bodywork session. I stand behind my work with an unheard of first-time money-back guarantee. If you're not 100% satisfied with your first session, it's free.


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Warren Weeks, LMT, MTNT



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