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Audio Cradle™ 

A healing point among the many, for a better way to be.


Proudly created by Warren Weeks, LMT, MTNT

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Audio Cradle?

What is



Audio Cradle™?

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     I utilize a wide range of pressure levels and techniques in every custom-tailored session. I listen carefully to each client, both prior to and during each session, so I can specifically address the needs and goals of the client while making technical modifications when necessary. I offer unmatched custom bodywork via the only MyoGraviTone TNT experience available anywhere.​

     A quick note on protocol and protection from infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

As always, state-mandated sterilization procedures are strictly followed. Additionally, surgical masks and nitrile examination gloves are worn during every session for UNSURPASSED PROTECTION. You will receive only the highest quality care and consideration at Why Knot Bodyworks. We live by the words "First, do no harm".

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