Privacy & HIPAA

     Unlike some other massage therapy providers, we at Why Knot Bodyworks respect your privacy by closely following the guidelines laid out in HIPAA privacy policies with concern to client confidentiality. We do not acknowledge client existence or status to any entity or person outside of Why Knot Bodyworks with the exception of automated services such as session note storage, appointment setting software, payment processing, email, and texting. Also, due to complete system automation, you will receive emails and texts regarding your appointment status. By setting an appointment you are agreeing to these forms of storage, service, and communication. If you do not agree, please do not set an appointment.


You would be well advised when seeking massage to first research(Google) any provider you wish to patronize and look for privacy policy declarations of said establishments in written form to verify that they are making a serious effort to protect your privacy.

Important notes:

If a massage therapy provider hasn't published a privacy policy it's likely safe to assume one or more of the following.

1) They simply don't have a written privacy policy in place.

2) They consider the composition of written privacy policy a low priority or otherwise unnecessary.

3) They don't know what constitutes protected health information(PHI).

4) They don't consider themselves as a covered entity or health care provider under HIPAA.

5) They don't understand or they reject the definition of health care under HIPAA.