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     The Myolevitone SynchroKinetic Massage™ platform facilitates the simultaneous generation of multidirectional synchronized cyclic(60-100cpm) rocking motion of the entire massage table within the horizontal plane while the LMT contemporaneously manually manipulates the soft tissues of the body resulting in the rapid activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. This one of a kind Myolevitone session allows for higher pressure levels with far less discomfort through the amplification of proprioceptor signal transmission in the body resulting in suppression of nociceptor(pain) signaling to the brain.

Guaranteed to be the best therapeutic massage you've ever had or your session is FREE!

MyoLeviTone SynchroKinetic Massage is exclusively available at Why Knot Bodyworks via Warren Weeks and is a protected, trademarked, copywritten, newly created modality. No other entity or person has been granted use or practice of this modality.

MyoLeviTone SynchroKinetic Massage™ is not licensed for use by any other massage or bodywork therapist, medical facility, teaching facility, or school.



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