The Why Knot Bodyworks traditional or advanced Myogravitone TNT session is a sanctuary for both client and therapist. This is a space for healing, relaxation, and mutual trust. You are always in total control of the bodywork session. Pressure levels, areas of focus, and proximal or distal boundaries are always observed and respected.

     Your massage bodywork experience is guaranteed to be professional, courteous, respectful, considerate, ethical, and customized to your specific needs.


A better way to be awaits you,
Be well....

All private areas must remain covered.

Any inappropriate comments or requests

will terminate your session.

During this time of uncertainty concerning the Novel Coronavirus(Covid19) and to protect all massage clients, the following basic procedures must be followed in order to receive massage at Why Knot Bodyworks.

1) You and your massage therapist will be body temperature scanned before entering the massage room. He will also be wearing a respirator and nitrile gloves during your session.

2) Anyone with a body temperature scan of 99 degrees or higher will be refused service.

3) You will be provided with a surgical mask that must be worn before entering the massage room.

4) Your hands and forearms must be washed with antibacterial soap before entering the massage room.

Please understand that these strict protocols are for your safety and health as well as anyone you come in contact with such as family, friends, and the general public.

     Why Knot Bodyworks is the only massage therapy provider of the following combined protection protocols and equipment in the entire USA. You will receive only the highest quality care and consideration at Why Knot Bodyworks. We live by the words....


"First, do no harm".

     The Why Knot Bodyworks massage room has been upgraded to provide advanced sterilization techniques typically used in modern surgical and medical facilities. We provide the absolute best massage establishment protection from infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

      Additionally, the following protocols and PPE are utilized appropriately before, during, and/or after every session for UNSURPASSED CLIENTELE and THERAPIST PROTECTION.


  • Body temp scans

  • Hand and forearm washing

  • Use of hand sanitizer

  • Surgical masks

  • Respirators

  • Nitrile examination gloves

  • Breathe Easy Respiration Capture System(BERCS)

  • High volume charcoal air filtering(1000 cfm)

  • Isolated HVAC system

  • UV-C sterilization flood (254nm)

  • Manual chemical surface disinfection including floors

  • 4-hour linen laundering sterilization by combined chemical disinfectant and high-temp sterilization treatment on sheets, blankets, face rest covers including face rest fleece padding

  • Trioxygen(O3/Ozone) sterilization flood


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