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     The traditional bodywork session or alternate advanced Myogravitone TNT session is a sanctuary for both client and therapist. This is a space for healing, relaxation and mutual trust. The level of clothing worn by the client during traditional table massage is completely up to the discretion of the massage client. However, for pure Myogravitone TNT sessions, covering of private areas with clothing is required. Safety and comfort are the first and highest priority at all times. The client is always in total control of the bodywork session. Pressure levels, areas of focus, and proximal or distal boundaries are always observed and respected. That being said, legal and ethical thresholds will be adhered to by both client and therapist at all times. Additionally, Tennessee massage therapy draping law dictates in summary that, during the massage session all private areas of the massage client will remain covered, either by clothing, table sheets or cloths, or any combination of these body coverings, end summary.


     Your massage bodywork experience is guaranteed to be professional, courteous, respectful, considerate, ethical and customized to your specific needs.


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